Ingarö IP

Levererat: september, 2018


Ronny Leino

Ingarö IP is a football field located just outside Stockholm, Sweden. They have had big problems with day water on the playing field with large puddles due to bad drainage of the football field.

ANRIN Nordic was contacted by Spentab (the entrepreneur) who wanted a solution with focus on performance and cost.

ANRIN KE-100 with C250 galvanized grating was chosen. Every 15 meters there are a bottom outlet connected to a 160mm pipe that will lead the day water to a water reservoir.

Where the football field are, the artificial turf is laid over the ANRIN KE-100 channel. This will act as a filter for the day water and are common practice in Stockholm it’s usually called the “Stockholm Model”.

The channel ends a bit into the radius and will ensure that all day water is collected from the football field.

Also, when the sport facility was undergoing maintenance we also delivered the soft curbing with white rubber profile. The customer de-selected the option to have sand traps around the jump pit.


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